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Our mission is to help the BME community to secure the finance they so deserve.

Our suite of services is designed to support you, from Start-up through Growth and Scaling into Exit.

“There’s no point having a great business idea if you can’t make it happen.”

Start Up

Start Up Funding

From entrepreneurial idea to business plan, we turn your business ideas into reality. Whether it’s assessing new business ideas or accessing the best business loans, Streamlion is your business funding expert.

Grant Navigator Service

We transform entrepreneurial concepts into actionable business plans, bringing your ideas to life. Whether it’s evaluating your concepts or securing business grants, Streamlion is your business funding expert.

Innovator Founder Business Plan

We take your innovative ideas and create a business plan and cashflow forecast that goes beyond the ordinary. We’ll include a powerful value proposition and a resilient, growth-focused financial outlook.

Growing & Scaling

Scale Up Workshop

If you’re experiencing a profitability slump, we offer interactive workshops to help you identify the best ways to scale your business. From exploring new markets to maximising revenue expansion, we’ll help iron out the peaks and troughs that can be a feature of a business lifecycle.

Business Growth Finance

Ready to grow your business? Obtaining the right finance is key. We guide you through the application process to ensure you have the best possible chance of successfully gaining access to traditional business loans to achieve your growth objectives.

Stabilising for Growth

Process Optimisation

Good business is all about being efficient. According to PwC, “business transformation or business improvement can only have visible and lasting value if it is affected at the process level.”

Start your business journey on the right foot by letting Streamlion optimise your processes from the outset.

Change Management

Change is one of the most important things for a business to get right. Long-term success, particularly in today’s continually changing business landscape, will only be achievable if a business can evolve and change to keep pace with the market, customer requirements and technology developments. Streamlion Consulting are experts in managing change, ensuring the least disruption possible to business as usual.

Considering Selling?

Exit Strategy

Every good business plan needs an exit strategy, whether it’s intended to deliver a return on investment or to move on to your next challenge. At Streamlion Consulting, we’ve worked with lots of businesses on when’s the best time to sell and move on.

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