Scale Up


Scale Up


If you’re experiencing a profitability slump, we offer interactive workshops to help you identify the best ways to scale your business. From exploring new markets to maximising revenue expansion, we’ll help iron out the peaks and troughs that can be a feature of a business lifecycle.

How do you scale a startup?

Initially a new business will be surrounded by the buzz of fresh, innovative ideas and market disruption. However, sustaining a profitable business is another matter.


Scaling a business really requires a whole different approach to launching one. And timing is another major factor. Some studies have cited premature scaling as one of the leading causes of startup failure.

But it’s not just about innovating your product or service. It’s also about innovating your business model.

You might be growing, but are you scaling?

We’ve already mentioned that the four major growth strategies are market penetration, product development, market expansion and diversification. But what about processes, outsourcing and systems? All these things come in to play if you are serious about scaling your business.

Sometimes, it’s simply about being given the gift of time in order to find out what makes your startup scalable. Entrepreneurs and business owners rarely have the time or capacity to work ‘on’ their business rather than ‘in’ it which is why we developed our Scale Up workshops. During an interactive morning, we’ll help you uncover potential new markets, revenue streams and consider your back-office automation in order to create a workable scale up strategy.

The price of growth

Of course, building a larger team, outsourcing and evolving your business model all costs money. One of the most common reasons that startups fail to scale is down to funding. In addition to providing help with the ‘thinking’ around scaling your business, Streamlion Consulting has trusted partners who can also help with scaleup funding.

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