Anything is possible if you have the right advice and are backed up with the detailed, accurate, quality information and documents you need.

A quote from one of our customers, Hafsah Jamil, after we secured her 3rd business loan.

Finance is key to starting up your business and to growing it.

But the language that finance companies use and the detailed business information they ask for often feels impossible.  And let’s be honest, with only 48% of loan offers made for BME Entrepreneurs, you don’t expect that it will work anyway.

Streamlion don’t believe that this should be the case.

We’ve been working with BME Entrepreneurs for over 5 years, securing £14million of loans, with a success rate of 92% on the loans we apply for.

We work in partnership with the BME community, hand holding you through the process. We create the business plan and cashflow forecasts that you need to secure your finance.  We then work with the lenders to ensure a successful outcome, allowing you to complete your dream of a successful business.

Our promise to you:

  • We will do everything we can to ensure any loan or finance application is successful and within weeks, if we can, rather than months.
  • We will always be respectful and professional.
  • We will ensure you get value for money from any advice we give.
  • We will support you all the way.

Our Team

Helen Steel

Founder and Managing Director, Streamlion Consulting

Helen founded Streamlion in 2015, to share her knowledge and experience with start-ups making sure they get the support and backing needed to launch and grow.

An entrepreneur herself who has set up and run 2 successful businesses, Helen has helped over 700 entrepreneurs to date, guiding them through initial grant and loan applications, setting up, scaling up, and onwards to success.

She prides herself on making the process as simple, easy and as pain free as possible so you can be confident every step of the way.

If anyone can give you belief in your business idea and help you take it to the next level, Helen and her team at Streamlion can.

Iqra Zafar

Operations Manager, Streamlion Consulting

Iqra joined Streamlion fulltime in 2021. She is ACCA qualified and responsible for maintaining client relationships as well as contributing towards creating the financial forecasts and business plans that drive many of our clients’ applications.

Formerly an entrepreneur, Iqra is motivated by the fact that these documents are not only crucial for our clients’ financial applications but also inform how our clients establish and grow their businesses.

Away from her love of numbers Iqra enjoys reading, watching movies and swimming in her spare time.

Jennie Norris

Personal Assistant

Jennie works closely with Helen, managing her diary and ensuring our internal processes run smoothly. She also assists our start-up loan applicants in gathering the necessary documentation, helping the process to be as painless as possible.

After working for larger corporations such as Cadbury and E&Y, Jennie joined Streamlion in 2019 and loves the variety of her role and the supportive community of the Streamlion team. She finds being part of an entrepreneur’s growth and development incredibly rewarding.

In her spare time Jennie enjoys Pilates, spending time with her family and traveling.

Jacqui de Young

Digital and Creative Support

Introducing Jacqui, a vibrant and adaptable expert specialising in digital and creative assistance.

With a sharp eye for design and a fervour for utilising technology’s potential, Jacqui brilliantly fuses her artistic vision with technical know-how.

With a background in marketing, she boasts extensive knowledge of navigating the dynamic digital landscape.

Jacqui will be assisting with your grant searches and research for your Innovator Founder application.

Recognised for her knack for transforming complex ideas into captivating graphics and content, Jacqui is the go-to professional for not only technical aid but also inventive inspiration.

• A bespoke consulting division

• A startup loans division

• A project management team

• A strong associate network

Starting Strong

Our startup loans division looks after fledgling businesses, helping them to secure that vital initial funding to fuel the initial development of their business. We guide you through the simple 3 step process and boast a high success rate on applications.

Support As You Scale

Our consulting practice offers expert insight, systems and process design and experienced hands-on help to scale your business. We’ll take you from £1-5 million turnover or funds to exit at anywhere from £50-£500 million, through expansion or acquisitions.

Market Expansion Projects

Diversification into new markets is critical to rapid business scaling, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our experienced team are on hand to roll their sleeves up and take ownership of your project, using our trusted systems, processes and contacts to ensure success.

Funding Future Growth

We offer a bespoke relationship brokerage between your business and suitable candidates from our wide ranging angel investor network. This means you don’t just get the funding you need, you get to work with an investor who’s a perfect fit for your business.

De-risking Supplier Selection

Buying in expert competencies is another essential component to successful scaling. We eliminate the risk of wasted time and money by leveraging our trusted network of associates, each of whom has a proven track record of exceptional service delivery for our clients.

We have helped over 700 business owners secure over £14 million for their start-up funding and growth plans and are confident that we can help you. Please do get in touch.

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