Change is one of the most important things for a business to get right. Long-term success, particularly in today’s continually changing business landscape, will only be achievable if a business can evolve and change to keep pace with the market, customer requirements and technology developments. Streamlion Consulting are experts in managing change, ensuring the least disruption possible to business as usual.

What is Change Management?

The Association for Project Management (APM) describes Change Management as “a structured approach to moving an organisation from the current state to the desired future state.”

For Streamlion Consulting,

implementing changes successfully in your business is a natural follow-on from working with you on optimising your processes. We are experts in helping businesses of all sizes to succeed and it’s this experience which means we understand the impact change can have, in both a positive and negative way, on your people and your business operations.

What are the principles of change management?

The biggest issue with effecting change is dealing with peoples’ fear of the unknown. Any change management work needs to include a focus on business objectives but also a ‘hearts and minds’ element to ensure your whole team is on board.
Planning plays a huge role in this, along with clear communication and attention to detail.
Working with a third party, such as Streamlion, can also help as we can deliver without emotional investment, therefore ensuring we work for the best interests of the future of the business.

Our change management service

includes the creation of robust reports, using real data in order for us and our associate companies to recommend the best future course for your business. Our focus is always on maintaining or improving customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

At Streamlion Consulting,

we pride ourselves on being super-connectors. We have a wide-ranging professional network and can bring in the right expertise for the issue at hand, in a seamless delivery, carefully managed for our clients.

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