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At Streamlion we are committed to helping entrepreneurs secure funding for their businesses. Our team of business finance consultants can help you navigate the loan application process, research lenders, and find the right match for your business. We work in partnership to ensure you have the best possible chance of successfully gaining access to a variety of traditional business loans enabling you to achieve your business growth objectives.

A successful loan application can provide the necessary funds to help grow your business, increase your revenue, and take advantage of new opportunities.


It can help you bridge the gap between the present and the future of your business. And whatever you’re hoping to invest in to move your business forward — invest in new equipment or technology, hire additional staff, or diversify into a new product line — a loan can provide the financial support you need to make it happen.


We know that obtaining a loan for your business can be a daunting task. The language that finance companies use and the detailed business information they ask for often feels impossible. Coupled with the ever-changing economic climate, securing funding can seem like an uphill climb. But, with our help this doesn’t need to be the case.

Finding the right lender and ensuring you’re prepared.

Before helping you apply for a loan, Streamlion will help to research and find the right lender. We focus on specific lenders, for example those that champion BME entrepreneurs, to increase your chances of a successful application.

By drawing upon our extensive experience of working with businesses from across a wide range of industries, we know exactly where to look for lenders and have an in-depth understanding of the detailed documentation required when filing a loan application.

Streamlion works in partnership with you, taking you through the application process, navigating every step. We create the business plan and cashflow forecasts to the required level needed to secure your finance.

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