Value Proposition

The world’s most successful brands have something in common: a powerful value proposition. When you write a value proposition, you clearly identify the value of your products or services; you clarify the benefits you bring to those who do business with you; you identify your customers’ pain points and then link your offering with the solution they need. A good value proposition will provide the differentiator between your business and your competition.

Value propositions

are especially important if you eventually want to scale your business. Warren Buffett, world-renowned businessman and investor, calls a value proposition an ‘economic moat’. This is a great way to visualise your value proposition. Done right, it will protect your market share and profitability. It’s hard for competitors to mimic your value proposition and so it protects your brand by creating a virtual barrier. To achieve market dominance, or even to simply scale your business, you need to be able to fend off competition. Other rival brands are the single most likely thing that will threaten your business and erode your bottom line.

At Streamlion, we specialise in guiding businesses through their growth journey. Unusually, we are experienced at every stage of the process, from start up, funding and investment, to scaling and identifying your exit strategy.
Being able to scale your business is a different prospect to simply growing bigger by turnover. To scale your business successfully, you need a value proposition and to get the very best value proposition, you need Streamlion.

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