Become a
Streamlion Partner

Become a
Streamlion Partner

Do you know other business owners or entrepreneurs who could benefit from our services?  Why not become a partner?

We are offering a generous referral commission for every successful loan or grant referred to us by our Partners.

We understand how difficult it can be to secure business funding, particularly when you are starting out.  It can be a long and complicated process, setting you back and for some people putting them off altogether.

As you know, we don’t believe this should be the case and work very hard to help others to secure the loan they need to get started.

And we want as many people, like you, as possible to benefit from this service.

Get involved in three easy steps

1) Join our Partner Programme

Start your journey by emailing us at

2) Refer your first applicant

We will send a personalised link for you to fill in the details.

3) Generate revenue

We keep in touch with both you and the applicant throughout the process, so you are as up to date as they are.

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