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We have a high success rate on the startup loan applications we’ve supported. This is based on managing over 700 applications and securing over £14 million of funding to date.

Why Consider A Startup Loan?

Even the very best business ideas need funding to get off the ground and a startup loan provides the investment you need to start your business from a position of strength, without tapping into your personal savings.

You’ve probably already got some sort of a plan, but the startup loan process ensures you’re setting off with a plan that’s fit for purpose, enhancing your chances of building a successful business.

Fund Your Future

Securing your startup loan will give you vital funds to get your idea off the ground, and we know how to make sure your application is approved.

Get Up To £25,000

Startup loans are available for amounts up to £25,000 per applicant, to be repaid over 60 months at an interest rate of 6%.

Government Backed Loans

The startup loans scheme provides government backed unsecured personal loans to businesses that have been trading for 3 years or less.

A Simple 3 Stage Process

Stage 1: Complete a short registration form and set up a secure password
Stage 2: Identity and credit checks are carried out by the loans company
Stage 3: Submit your documents, including your business plan, financial forecasts and ‘personal survival budget’

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