Grab a coffee and lets discuss your funding options?


Understanding what people need, use, or like is instrumental when setting up a business.

Whatever is offered must highlight some level of solution, but it’s the creativity within your business model that can be a determining factor for success   

Does YOUR business highlight your unique smile? 

Have you developed your niche? 

Is your branding and mission statement clear to the target audience? 

Have you steered a powerful Call to Action?

Is your how and why made clear to your potential customers? 

A coffee can be just a coffee but it is also an environment where people can meet, chat, have business meetings or social gatherings, and is a potential business opportunity.

Understanding what people want and how you can offer a service or product that will be in demand is the first step towards your business model and for future success

If you are developing a new business, a full analysis is essential for understanding your business competitors and how they have strategised their appeal to the same target audience.

At that point, your business model should trump their marketing and sales campaigns.

Winning business over your competitors with a powerful USP and why they should choose YOU, merits creativity in your approach and we can certainly support our customers with their campaigns.

We make the journey fun and exciting and watching the development of a business from an initial idea and concept, is what puts a smile on our faces.

If you’re expanding, a grant offers financial capability and assistance to take your business to a heightened level of success.

If you would like to discuss Start Up funding, please email us so we may discuss your options and how we can help YOU. 

What’s our USP at Streamlion?


Of course, there are other companies who offer a similar service.

So why us?

The clue is in our name and logo, Stream’lion’, and like the lioness who makes the kill to feed her cubs, we like to feed our customers with grants and the best start up loans.

We work from experience and with intuition, tenacity, and determination.

We have also developed a strategic database which highlights new grants as they become available. 

A lioness loves her cubs, and we love our customers and are committed to nourishing their businesses.

We absolutely love to see them smile when a grant is awarded, or we have secured a great start up loan.  

We will fight for you, your success and have had great winners for customers from ethnic minority backgrounds, especially female entrepreneurs. 

To help our customers, we have developed a full range of interesting videos to support your business development and how we, can help you.   

Helen is exceptional; not only has she a strong skillset and wide experience, but she is strategic in her thinking, yet equally great with detail too – a rare combination in my experience.

But, mostly, I’ve enjoyed working with Helen because she couples these qualities with a great sense of humour and likeable personality.

She puts clients at ease rapidly, with her approachable style, great listening skills and whilst she is confident and can operate at all levels, she balances this with humility and openness.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Helen to any client and will be working with her again!

Results focused with a human touch.

Andy Chilton

Sales Director, Velresco

If you would like to discuss how Helen may be able to support your business with start up funding please email: 

If you would like to discuss what may be available for you, click here to book a FREE 30-minute Discovery Call.

Helping YOU Understand the Grant Application Process 

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We care about your business and want to see you maximise success.  

Let us, help YOU.

With many years’ experience across multiple platforms our caring and supportive approach has helped a successful track record securing over £14m of funds through start up loans or grants.

We’re our customers’ supporters, defenders, and fighters. 

Helping YOU understand the process of Grant applications and how to win.
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