Being a business owner can be lonely unless your partner is a dog.


Running a business takes a lot of strength and creativity to juggle the many roles needed to be a company owner. 

We all need somebody we can trust, who understands our business, cares about our vision, and wants to help us thrive and be successful.  

Having a mascot, or in this case, a friendly dog helps.

They listen and are loyal.

Wherever possible, they want to join in and from this picture, the dog is poised and ready to send an email.

But despite their best intentions, dogs can only do so much. 

When developing your business or in this current climate, just keeping it solvent and active takes a lot of time and energy.

Imagine a friendly face, somebody who wants to be onside, keeping you informed and who understands the financial side of a business.

If a grant may be applicable, how this will increase your chances of a win, especially in this competitive market.  

Why Streamlion?


We’re friendly, approachable, and caring.

We want to learn about your business and then adapt our skills in a format that constructively benefits you.

We’ll bring some humour to a stressful table and make the process fun, but we’ll also cut through the technicalities and complications of your application with precision, strategy, and determination.

We’ll give you a voice that will sit comfortably at an assessor’s table and which speaks their language.

We know what they want to read and see, and that will be YOUR application.   

Throughout the process, you will always be assured that we’re with you and if there are hurdles, we’ve probably jumped through them before. 

If there are problems, we have overcome them in the past and moved forward. 

We’re relentless on your behalf.  

We do not want to replace your dog but hopefully, if they’re happy to work with us too, you’ll have a winning team that offers support, kindness, understanding and results.  

Being generically ready is a start but each grant has its own criteria and process.

Each eligibility is different and the process is complicated and arduous but with us onside, we can and want to help YOU reach that next level.  

So How Can You Prepare?


Understand your WHY?

Make sure all the company financials are professionally ready.

Be able to demonstrate how the funds would make a significant difference to your business and even more so, why you should win.

More people than ever are making applications; it could be a lifeline.

But we’ll help you make a winning application.

Winning an award can make such a big difference to your business, giving you those extra funds for a project, initiative or whatever else might be appropriate with a particular award.

If you think that in the future, a grant might be a good option, we strongly recommend starting now.

If now is not the right time, it may be worth signing up for the newsletter.

You will have regular updates about grants, what is currently popular and other useful information too.

The newsletter will help prepare you for when the time is right.

Helen was extremely professional and consultative with her approach helping us to secure a business start-up loan, she ran through the benefits and process with complete clarity.

The process was straight forward and efficient we are extremely grateful for her assistance and guidance securing our business start-up loans.

Ben Tunnicliffe

Director, Tunnicliffe Hunt

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Helping YOU Understand the Grant Application Process 

If you are thinking of applying for a grant, sign up for our newsletter for up-to-date and important information.

We care about your business and want to see you maximise success.  

Let us, help YOU.

Being awarded a grant can never be guaranteed.

Showcasing your commitment to making a difference and why your company is deserving of an award, can significantly increase your chances of success. 

Helping YOU understand the process of Grant applications and how to win.
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