How does grant finding compare to an Easter Egg hunt?


Spring brings forth the joy of Easter egg hunts, where children eagerly scour lawns and gardens in search of hidden treasures.  

Similarly, navigating the world of grants can feel like embarking on an exhilarating hunt, with each opportunity presenting a chance to discover valuable resources.  

While the thrill of an Easter egg hunt may be fleeting, the rewards of grant hunting can have a lasting impact on organisations and communities.

Join us whilst we compare the similarities between grant discovery and Easter egg hunts. 

Diverse Contents 

Just as Easter eggs come in various sizes and are filled with different treats like Smarties or Buttons, grants vary in scope and content. Some grants may be small, offering modest funding for local community projects, while others, like the Horizon EU grant, are massive in scale, providing substantial support for groundbreaking research and innovation. 


Finding the Right Fit 

Not every Easter egg is a perfect match for every child, and similarly, not every grant is suitable for every applicant. Just as you might stumble upon an egg that doesn’t quite appeal to you and leave it for someone else to find, there are grants that may have eligibility criteria or scope that do not align with your business goals or priorities. It’s essential to identify the grants that best match your needs and objectives. 


Timing is Key 

In an Easter egg hunt, participants gather eggs at their own pace, choosing when to stop and enjoy their finds. Similarly, finding grants is a process that requires timing. It’s crucial to apply for grants when you’re “grant ready”, meaning your business has the capacity, resources, and readiness to effectively utilise the funding. 


Quantity vs. Quality 

Just as some Easter egg hunts yield a few prized eggs, grant hunting may result in securing a handful of suitable opportunities. It’s not about the quantity of eggs found or grants applied for, but rather the quality of each find. Each successful grant application represents a chance to make a meaningful impact within your community or field of work. 

Persistence Pays Off 

Like a determined egg hunter who refuses to give up, grant seekers must persevere in their search. Rejection is a common part of the grant application process, but persistence can lead to eventual success. Keep refining your approach, seeking feedback, and exploring new opportunities. 

Why Streamlion?

At Streamlion Consulting, our dedicated service is like being your expert guide in an exciting Easter egg hunt.  

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Let us be the supportive partner that propels you towards achieving your goals, just like uncovering the most sought-after Easter eggs.  

With Streamlion Consulting, success is not just a destination, it’s a collaborative journey towards excellence. 

Happy hunting! 

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Emma Collen

Founder, The Jericho Kitchen Cookery School

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