How does grant finding compare to the choreography of Maypole dancing?


Dancing around the Maypole and searching for funding may seem like two completely unrelated activities, but when you take a closer look, you’ll see some surprising similarities.  

In the whimsical world of Maypoles, dancers weave ribbons in synchronised harmony, much like our team at Streamlion Consulting craft grant proposals with precision and innovation. 

Let’s explore the world of Maypoles and the serious business of securing financial support. 


Coordination and Collaboration  

Dancing around the Maypole requires coordination and collaboration among the dancers to create intricate patterns with the ribbons. Similarly, finding grants often involves working closely with team members, partners, or stakeholders to align goals, write proposals, and submit applications. 


Timing and Precision  

In Maypole dancing, timing and precision are crucial to ensure that the ribbons are woven together beautifully. Likewise, when seeking funding, timing is key. Knowing grant deadlines, preparing applications with precision, and following guidelines meticulously can greatly increase your chances of success. 



Maypole dancing allows for creativity through intricate footwork and movements. Similarly, finding grants requires creativity in crafting compelling narratives, innovative projects, and unique selling points to stand out to funders.


Adaptability and Flexibility 

Maypole dancers must adapt to changes in music tempo or movements to maintain the flow of the dance. Likewise, in the world of funding, being adaptable and flexible in adjusting proposals, budgets, or project plans is essential. 


Celebration and Reward 

Lastly, both dancing around the Maypole and securing grants can lead to a sense of celebration and reward. Just as completing a successful dance brings joy and satisfaction, obtaining funding for a project can be a cause for celebration and a step towards realising your goals. 

While the imagery of dancing around the Maypole may seem far removed from the financial world, both activities share underlying themes of coordination, timing, creativity, adaptability, and celebration.  

Whether you’re crafting intricate steps in a Maypole dance or weaving together a grant proposal, remember to approach each task with enthusiasm, grace, and determination.  

Just as the dancers coordinate their movements to create beautiful patterns, our team at Streamlion Consulting collaborates to secure funding, ensuring every detail is meticulously crafted for success. 

At the start of 2019 I was looking to purchase a business in hair and beauty. I had to get a business loan to make the purchase. I was put in touch with Helen and what can I say; she made my dreams come true. Owning a salon has always been my dream and Helen made it possible for me. Helen took me through every step of the loan process and literally held my hand through it as it was all new to me and guided me through the whole process. We obtained the loan and now I am fulfilling my dream of a salon. I could ramble on how fantastic Helen is and how helpful she was, and I am so grateful for her help 10/10.
Tariq Fontant

Director, Phoenix Lounge

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