Would YOU like to win a business grant?



We all need a best friend to help lead our business.

Obtaining a grant can be timely, difficult and even overwhelming.

There are so many aspects to the process, but having a business best friend to lead and guide you based on their experience and success is the ideal scenario.  

There is so much choice, it’s almost impossible to know where you should start.

Government grants, non-profit grants, business grants (for start-ups or small businesses with a specific criteria), individual grants, charity and foundation grants, corporate and crowd-funding; which one do you choose?  

You may not know the answers, but we do

We can help you answer all your questions and be your best friend through the process.

We love a challenge and lick our lips at the prospect.


Why Streamlion?


The first important step is knowing which grant would be most applicable for your business and how to meet the eligibility criteria with the relevant details needed to support each application   

Assessors have a keen eye on what is expected and how an applicant will win.

We help YOU by understanding your business, why you should win a grant, and how the judges consider each application.

It’s a multi-faceted approach that we have channelled into a streamlined and efficient process.

Through experience and many successful wins for our customers, we’re always ready and are continuously trawling through all the different grants as they become available.  


Be Sure of the Basics.


What is your why?

WHY is your project or business important? 

WHY should a grant assessor award you funds?

WHY and how is your business commercially viable  

Being awarded a grant can never be guaranteed, but by showcasing your commitment to making a difference and why your company is deserving of an award, you can significantly increase your chances of success. 


Helen helped me out when I first started my business. She took me through every step of the process with care and support. I’d never applied for business finance before and she made sure that everything was in line to give me the best chance of securing the funds I needed.

I’m pleased to say it worked!

Lisa Russell

CEO, Liruss Virtual Business Services Ltd

We’re always evolving, developing the brand and finding new ways and contacts to help our customers.

Friendly, approachable, always available and caring about our customer’s vision for their long-term success.   

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Helping YOU understand the process of Grant applications and how to win.
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