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Being successful in business today is about providing your customers with the very best experience.

At Streamlion Consulting, we believe in building strong relationships with all our stakeholders, from suppliers and customers to partners and trusted associates.

Find out how using referrals via a trusted business relationship has meant two businesses can increase what they offer to clients.

The Background

Helen first met Sharon, founder of Choice Business Loans, during a networking meeting. They realised that their businesses were highly aligned and began building a working relationship that has been more successful than either of them could have imagined.

Choice Business Loans works with trading businesses who are looking for further funding. They access bank or non-bank financing opportunities, for example by investigating the use of asset finance or working capital loans and solutions.

Streamlion Consulting is focused on helping startups to find funding. Often, with anything less than two years’ trading history, banks and more traditional funding routes are not an option for these businesses. As an ambassador for Transmit, which partners with the Startup Loans Company, Helen is highly successful at finding the funds needed for these fledgling businesses to grow.

The Benefits

With around 100 referrals between them since they started collaborating around two years ago, Helen and Sharon are proud of the direction in which this approach has taken both of their businesses.

“Of the businesses we’ve sent to Helen, she’s had an amazing 100% success rate for those who were eligible for startup funding” says Sharon.

Helen explains why this alliance works so well for both businesses: “It’s so important for customer satisfaction not to have to tell people you can’t help them” she explains. “By working together in the way that we do, we effectively extend what we can offer to anyone who approaches us. I cover the early start-ups and those with less than two years of trading experience, then Sharon can help anyone further along their business journey. Often, clients I help initially will come back to Sharon for help with their growth and expansion plans so we are retaining business more efficiently too.”

Why It Works

The collaboration between Streamlion and Choice Business Loans works because there are natural business synergies. But it’s also down to the people behind both businesses building a strong relationship based on trust.

“When I refer to Helen, I am absolutely secure in the knowledge that she will look after the client as I would myself” says Sharon “she never lets me down. It’s great to be able to send enquiries on to someone who we trust but also who just knows everything there is to know about startup funding. From filling in the applications to jumping through the hoops of the process, Helen is simply the best person to ensure success.”

This trust is built on Helen and Sharon having a strong personal relationship and shared values when it comes to business.

“Never having to turn away an enquiry makes you richer as a business” explains Helen. “There’s every chance that revenue will return to your books again in the future if you take the time and trouble to ensure someone is looked after. This is a truly frictionless way of doing business.”

This collaboration has added something to both business that simply wasn’t there before. The ability to extend their offering without diluting their own specialist areas is powerful. And, because of the shared values and approach to business between Helen and Sharon, the client has almost no perception that they are moving between organisations. For them, it’s seamless and achieves their objective, which, of course, is the most important outcome of all.

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