As part of our 6th birthday celebrations, Streamlion Consulting has, of course, not missed the chance to enjoy a cake! Such a traditional – and unmissable – part of celebrating a birthday and, while eating it, we contemplated how other businesses have celebrated birthdays.

Of course, budget comes into play when deciding how to let the world know you have a successful brand and business (this is, of course, another marketing opportunity at heart) and some of the bigger players have really pushed the boat out in the past.

Apple celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Mac by compiling a video shot by its own employees using iphones. This global project showed people’s lives being enhanced by Apple products and was a supremely clever, multi-level message for its audience. Apple have long said their mission was to bring technology to the hands of the people and this was never more evident than in their birthday video. Of course, it also served to showcase many of their products as well as being a really inclusive experience for their people.

Heinz were also clever at bringing people along with them but they focused on their customer audience when, for their 130th birthday, they enabled customers to order bottles of ketchup with personalised messages on the labels. A truly inspired way to boost sales and create a keepsake to ensure your brand is always front of mind.

You might say Coca-Cola’s 125th celebrations broke new frontiers as they became the first soft drink to be consumed in space. They engineered this other worldly stunt by letting astronauts on board Challenger test out their ‘space can’ and also installed a vending machine called the ‘Space Dispenser’ on board the space shuttle Discovery.

For us mere mortals with a more average budget however, birthday celebrations are no less important. With 20% of startup businesses reportedly going bust within their first year and a massive 60% not seeing their third birthday, reaching any anniversary is an achievement. And, for Streamlion, it’s extra special because seeing businesses ‘making it’ is the cherry on the cake for us.

So, our cake might seem modest in comparison to some of the big brand birthday antics but, for us, it represents why we are here and what we do:

  • We help startups to pull together a recipe for success by creating a business plan that will secure valuable funding and investment;
  • We help entrepreneurs find the right mix to ensure their business rises to the top and satisfies all their goals;
  • We advise business owners on how to choose the right ingredients for success as their business grows and scales;
  • Our extensive network of investors and knowledge of investment markets is the icing on the cake for our clients;
  • We help businesses take the temperature of the market when launching, scaling or exiting their businesses;
  • Excellent customer service and a good sense of humour is baked right in.

Happy birthday Streamlion, and all the other businesses still going strong after a challenging year.