Recent news coverage on the hospitality industry in the UK paints a troubling picture. The easing of lockdown to step 4 has been welcomed but test and trace guidelines are making running a business in this sector uncertain and exhausting.

Interestingly, one of the most common applications (if not the most common) I’ve received over the past 15 months or so, is for hospitality linked businesses. People have seen the change in circumstances and recognised add-on services, such as home delivery, or mobile sales, that can be provided without falling foul of restrictions. So, maybe there’s something of a contradiction here?

I’ve run growth workshops in the past which focus on looking at opportunities within the business, as well as across existing and adjacent markets and this is still something that works even though the challenge to growth is now a different one. I’d advise struggling business owners to get back to basics: tune in to what you know you’re really good at and see how and where this can be offered or partnered with other services. Spend some time investigating your efficiency and whether this can be improved. And finally, look for someone who can help you brainstorm ideas. There are plenty of links online to rescue funding but very little when it comes to actively working your way out of the problem. There are always opportunities in every business and these should play a part in your rescue package too.