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To engage the right audience, you simply must be active in the right place. Are you writing pertinent and interesting content, at the right time and getting it in front of the right people? Get in touch for an invaluable rework of this major element of your marketing activity.

Social media can be a huge time commitment

for businesses so it’s important to know that you are getting it right. For small and medium sized business, or start-ups trying to establish their brand, it’s an essential part of today’s marketing mix.

Our Social Media Strategy service is for you if:

  • you post lots of content one month and nothing the next;
  • your posts are generic, and you find yourself hoping for the right engagement;
  • engagement is generally poor on your posts;
  • you just can’t get started due to lack of inspiration.

By working with Streamlion

and our expert partners to develop a social media strategy, you are much more likely to use the time you spend creating or curating content, efficiently. Your strategy will help you consider your key messaging and your target audience, making it quicker and easier to plan posts which will really drive engagement with your brand.

To find out whether you would benefit from a Social Media Strategy, ask yourself:

  • Do you know which channels your audience use and are you using the same ones?
  • Is your content appropriate and relevant to the issues bothering your target audience?
  • Is your social media activity coming together to show you are an expert in your field?
  • Are you creating a mix of media, with blogs as well as short-form posts and live or recorded video, imagery and industry-related news and views?

Not sure?

If you aren’t sure about any of the above, or you’d like more guidance, get in touch and let Streamlion Consulting give you a bit of structure for your social.

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